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School Policies and Procedures


Noble Academy Policies


Policies are the formal guidelines established by the School Board to ensure that Noble Academy responds to its mission and operates in an effective, efficient, and consistent manner. Policies define the desire and intent of the School Board.


The School Board has the jurisdiction to legislate policy for the School District with the force and effect of law. School board policy provides the general direction as to what the School Board wishes to accomplish while delegating implementation of policy to the administration.


The policies described here are not conditions of employment, and the language is not intended to create a contract between the Noble Academy and its employees.



100 School District 4171-07

The policies in this section establish the mission, purpose, and principles of the School Board.


200 Board of Directors

The policies in this section outline the responsibilities and expectations that guide the work of the School Board.


300 Policies: General School Administration

The policies in this section provide direction to ensure the consistent operation of the School District.


400 Policies: Personnel

The policies in this section define a standard of conduct for School District employees.


500 Policies: Students

The policies in this section provide guidelines for students and families to ensure a safe and constructive learning environment.


600 Policies: Educational Program

The policies in this section outline instructional resources for students and families.


700 Policies: Non-Instructional Operations

The policies in this section outline district financial processes and procedures.


800 Policies: Buildings and Sites

The policies in this section outline procedures used to best manage and utilize School District property and operations.


900 Policies: School-Community Relations

The policies in this section establish guidelines to ensure a quality partnership with the community.




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