Amanda Wiser


I have a k-12 Visual Arts teaching license, which allows me to teach all kinds of arts to students of all ages. In the past, I have taught grades k-8 at Noble, and this year, I will be teaching scholars in grades 5-8.


This will be my third year teaching at Noble Academy. Previous to my teaching here, I have taught in elementary classrooms and high school classrooms in the Elk River district, as well as at Monticello High School during my student teaching. I have taught in both specialized and general Visual Arts classes, including pottery, painting, drawing, and Advanced Placement courses. I am also a youth group Core-Leader at my Church.  My passion is in helping all students to grow and learn to become well-rounded thinkers and problem solvers.

Reason for becoming a Teacher:

When I was in elementary school, I was fortunate enough to have a phenomenal role model in my Visual Arts Teacher. She motivated my class to become passionate about the arts and to be creative in everything that we do. Upon entering high school, I once again was given the chance to learn from an astounding woman whose energy, drive, and passion was unparalleled.  I feel that education, specifically in the Arts, provides students with many life skills and opportunities to grow. Working creatively is an essential skill in our modern times, and promotes problem solving and critical thinking. For me, it is truly a joy to see each student developing their own works of art and finding success in creativity.

Interesting Facts and Hobbies:

One of my lifelong hobbies is reading. I have found that reading has given me so much in the way of learning and growing, even as an adult. Staying active is also important to me, and I find that running is a way to help calm my mind and center my thoughts. I love traveling, and experiencing new cultures and people. This past summer, I was able to visit Thailand and explore the country with one of my best friends. I also enjoy rollerblading, fishing, cooking, especially,  and  learning new skills and crafts. I love to share my experiences with my students and listen to what is important to them. The students at Noble are all so unique, and they always have a lot to teach me about living and learning.