Kia M. Yang



M.A curriculum and instruction at University of St. Thomas

B.A in Education at Augsburg College


I graduated from Augsburg College with a B.A degree in education and an M.A degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of St. Thomas. I worked for the Minneapolis Public Schools for twenty-eight years. During those years, I had held a variety of jobs ranging from being a Bilingual/Bicultural teacher, a teacher on special assignment, new commercial program coordinator, and first-grade teacher.

Reason for becoming a Teacher:

My reason to become a teacher was to make difference in the lives of children, especially girls. While growing, Hmong girls in Laos were kept at home to help their parents while boys were sent to schools. When I was hired for the MPS, most Hmong girls attended school for the first time. Today, many of them have become, teachers, nurses, doctors, and lawyers

Interesting Facts and Hobbies:

My hobbies include working around the house, volunteering, going to the gym, and fishing.