Leng Vang


Leng is responsible for: 

Transportation needs and concerns

Lunch Room Supervisor


Leng graduated with bachelor degree in Bible Theology at Crown College and a degree in ESL (K-12) at Concordia University in St. Paul, 2010.


This is his second year working at Noble Academy. He has worked as an EA in both Minneapolis and St. Paul school districts.  He also taught Hmong literacy at New Millennium Academy for seven years.

Reason for working in Education:

There are two reasons why Leng enjoys working in an education setting. First, he enjoys seeing students laugh and learn.  Second, he is constantly learning and growing.  More than seeing himself grow, he has had the privilege to impact the students’ learning and future.

Interesting Facts and Hobbies:

His favorite sport is ping pong.  In the summer, he enjoys walking around some of the nearby Minnesota lakes with his spouse and children for exercise.  His personal interest is watching Youtube and using it as a learning tool.