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8:45 am - 4:05 pm


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School Board Members


KoukhaSha Lee - Chair

Affiliation: Community Member

Phone: (651) 955-6720


Alex Michenfelder - Secretary

Affiliation: Teacher

Phone: (763) 242-326

Xouada Thaoyang -Treasurer

Affiliation:Community Member

Phone: (651) 964-8985

Cindy Mai Blia Vang - Parent Rep.

Affiliation: Parent

Phone: (651) 332-9039

Kao Chang

Affiliation:Community Member

Phone: (612) 220-4727

Neal Thao - Ex-Oficio

Phone: (763) 592-7706







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Board Announcement:
Noble Academy is in search of individual(s) who is genuinely committed to actively taking part in its school as a member on the school board. This person should have a deep desire for student success and should have the school and its students' best interest at heart at all times. This person should have an understanding of working and dealing with a diverse group of students and should continuously create and promote student triumphs through a learning environment that is none other than enriching, effective and successful. This person should have previous professional experiences and full comprehension of: Law & Policies, Human Resources, Financial Management, Leadership, Organizational Management, State Standards and additional experiences as delineated by the board.


Noble's Board is in search for the following positions: Licensed Teacher Board, Parent Board.


If you would like to serve our organization in this capacity, please submit your letter of interest to both Superintendent Thao at and Noble's Board Chair, Ms. Lee at





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