Stephanie Hagen


I received my bachelor degree from Saint Cloud State University in Secondary Education with a 5-12 Social Studies License. Saint Cloud was an awesome place to get an education degree because of its accreditation with the School of Education.


This will make my 4th full year of being a teacher at Noble Academy and my 2nd full year teaching Social Studies. It has been so great being able to work with so many students over the past four years, I feel as though I am familiar with so many wonderful Noble families.

Reason for becoming a Teacher:

I wanted to become a teacher because school did not always come easy for me. I had to work hard and prove to my teachers that I could do the work and get good grades. I want to help kids that haven’t had it easy, and prove to them that anything is possible.

Interesting Facts and Hobbies:

I love to hang out with my husband and walk my dog, Tucker. We love to go on road trips and travel. I also love being with my family and spending time with them. Reading books and listening to books has become a huge hobby of mine and I am always willing and ready to learn and try new things! I also have a big family and we always enjoy being around each other when we can! I am looking forward to this year at Noble Academy and reaching all of our school wide goals.