Executive Message

  • Congratulations Noble Academy Parents, Students and Staff!!! "Noble Academy has been identified as a “High-Quality Charter School “ (HQCS) for two years consecutively. Noble is eligible for a significant expansion/replication grant from Minnesota’s federal Charter Schools Program (CSP) grant project! This identification is based on a Comprehensive Performance Framework (CPF) that incorporates multiple measures of schools academic, operational and financial performance. Thirty-five (35) of Minnesota’s charter schools were identified as HQCS."

  • Do you have a QUESTION, SUGGESTION or CONCERN? If so, send it to Superintendent Thao at npthao@nobleacademy.us

English Language Service (Txoj kev Pab Kawm Lus Askiv)

  • Noble is a Title I school. In order to be identified as an English Language Learner, the state of Minnesota requires that a child meets at least two critieria. Please, visit the ELL Educational Programs page to view the criteria.

  • Noble yog lub tsev kawm ntawv uas tau Title I.  Yuav kom luag paub tias cov tubntxhais kawm ntawv yog cov xyaum kawm lus Askiv, lub xeev Minnesota xav kom koj tus menyuam muaj tsawg kawg yog muaj ob yam li nram no.  Nias qhov Muaj Feem Tau Kev Pab Kawm Lus Askiv kom pom tias ob yam uas yuav tsum muaj thiaj tau kev pab yog dabtsi.